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Muli peleg is a professor of political science and international relations. His areas of expertise are analysis and management of intractable conflicts, strategies of negotiations, styles of leadership and intercultural and interfaith dialogue. He has just returned to Israel after teaching and researching at Rutgers and Columbia Universities in the US. Dr. Peleg has an extensive practical experience as a negotiator and peace-maker in addition to his academic career. He has worked with peace organizations such as the Peres Center for Peace, One Voice, the Counter Extremism Project and Realizing the Dream, and conducted dialogue and peacebuilding projects in the US, Africa, Europe and Israel/Palestine. The author of several books and articles, Dr. Peleg’s recent book is called Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue for Peace (2019).

Muli is a member of the Middle East Pace University initiative kick-off team.

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