What is WikiPeace?

Where do you go, when you want to find a definition for Peace? Where do you go, when you want to volunteer or donate in a meaningful way for Peace? …and when you want to study Peace studies nearby? …and when you want to teach your class about Peace heroes throughout history?

Where do you go, when you want to share with as many people as possible about the new Peace building program you developed (or participated in)? …or when you want to share your understanding on how two Peace building approaches relate to each other? …or about the results of a research you conducted?

Currently the answer to these would be for the knowledge seeker - search through many web sites, google your best shot of key words, try to integrate between pieces of information; and for those who wish to share - submit a proposal for a journal or conference, publish a leaflet, post on social media etc.

Now imagine a place, where all potential and current Peace scholars, activists and educators, school and university students, and anyone interested in Peace - can share and consume as much and as diverse of the information about what Peace means and how it is promoted.

Let us co-create WikiPeace, the place to go to for sharing, learning and interacting about Peace.

WikiPeace would be a networked architecture body of knowledge, holding comprehensive, multi-perspective knowledge about Peace and Peace building, built and maintained as a dispersed, collaborative effort by the global community of Peace scholars and activists, to be used by everyone and anyone.

WikiPeace would be:

for knowledge seekers:

  • A place to find as much and as comprehensive information as possible about various aspects of Peace.

  • A living, internet-based platform, it will allow information to be up to date.

  • A networked architecture of knowledge, it will allow learning about interrelations - both of tension and even contradicting, as well supporting / complementing – between concepts, approaches etc.

for knowledge holders:

  • A dispersed, collaborative platform, it will allow as many organizations and individuals as possible to contribute to WikiPeace.

  • A living, internet-based platform, it will allow information to be updated easily.

  • A networked architecture of knowledge, based on a dispersed collaborative effort, it will allow containing of tensions and even contradictions, and presenting of support and complementation between concepts, approaches etc.

For all - users, contributors, and the general public:

WikiPeace will present not only a collective source of information, but a presence, an embodiment of the importance of Peace in the life of humanity.