Hotel Everest

Region : Middle East

Released : 2017

Length : 40m

Director : Claudia Sobral

Writer : Sophie Sartain

Editor : Chris Callister

Source of information: director

About the film

Hotel Everest is a story about individuals who have the courage to overcome ancient hatreds, fear and mistrust to find a better and peaceful way for themselves, their communities and their families. They try to see and understand the humanity in “the other”, forge connections that promote empathy, understanding and, in their wildest hopes, peace. Our film is not a historical account of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict but a contemporary, experiential film about living within it.

Filmed over a tumultuous two-year period, the film follows the efforts and the relationship between two peace activists from both sides of the conflict, Eden & Ibrahim as well as the Idahoan founders of the Center for Emerging Futures, Whit and Paula Jones.

Their paths cross at the Hotel Everest in Beit Jala, a Palestinian owned business nestled between Bethlehem and Jerusalem that provides a haven where both Israelis and Palestinians are equally welcome and free to meet together.

Source of information: website

Educational potential and uses

The film is available for screening followed by Q&As and discussion, at educational and Peace building organizations and groups. For more details please contact the director, Claudia Sobral, at

Suggested questions to guide group conversation after the screening:

  • What stood out to you?

  • What challenged you?

  • Describe what you saw in terms of problem-solving. How does it sit with you?

  • Which character(s) resonated with you? What was it about that character that caught your attention?

  • What did you take from the film? How might this learning apply in your own life?

  • What surprised you the most?

Source of information: Claudia Sobral