The Collective for a United Youth

Region : Democratic Republic of Congo, East Africa

Established : N/A Website :

The Collective for a United Youth ‹‹CJU›› in acronym, is a structure that brings together young people and associations of young people committed to the causes of youth. This organization works according to common objectives and values ​​in order to contribute to the development of youth. The Collective for a United Youth enjoys legal personality in accordance with Law No. 004/2001 relating to non-profit associations and establishments of public utility in the DRC but also an operating authorization according to Provincial Decree No. 01/233 / CAB / GP-NK / 2018 of October 26, 2018.

Vision - to make youth the center of its development within its environment and in its respective environment.


  • Fight against all forms of discrimination and anti-values ​​among young people; (rape, corruption, drug and narcotic consumption, recruitment into armed groups, etc.);

  • Promote entrepreneurship, professionalization of youth movements, associations and initiatives through socio-economic and cultural promotion actions;

  • Consolidate Peace through the prevention, management and peaceful resolution of conflicts in the DRC and multilateral cooperation between African youth and the rest of the world;

  • Promote gender and health of women and children (primary health care, nutrition, fight against HIV / AIDS, ...);

  • Popularize and disseminate national, regional and international legal instruments relating to international humanitarian law;

  • Valuing indigenous and minority peoples;

  • Accompany and supervise youth during electoral processes and political issues.

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